Meeting your soulmate.  The birth of your first child.  Purchasing your first home.  Just because.  No matter how big or small the milestone, I would love to be invited along to document it for you.

Because I believe that beauty is in the everyday, I believe that photos aren't just images - they are moments, memories & emotions frozen in time. And because it's the little, mundane moments that add up to make one wild, extraordinary life, I am honored to do the important work of documenting yours. From Taco Tuesdays to first birthdays, Saturday morning pancakes to bedtime stories, and family traditions to family vacations, I am drawn to the emotions & expressions that only bubble to the surface where deep love is found.

Based in Jacksonville, FL but enthusiastically available for travel worldwide. I have documented journeys around the United States, Canada, Central America & Europe and would love to share in your next adventure, wherever it may take you!

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