Morgan | Jacksonville Photographer

Hello, friends.

The woman behind Cobalt & Co is Morgan, an expert in making lemonade out of lemons who can often be found enthusiastically helping others build their roadside stands. Her friends would call her quirky & a bit of a rebel but her heart for pleasing others shines brightly. What that means for you is that she has the ability to see the bliss in what others might consider imperfection. The special in what may feel mundane.  And while she enjoys the beauty in the everyday, exploring the world through travel is what sets her on fire.  See Morgan & you'll likely see a dog (or two, or three...) not far behind. She strives to stay connected to projects that help make the world a better place, particularly for the 4-legged among us.  And to meet her is to learn that her heart is even bigger than the lens on her camera.

P.S. – You can see what past clients have to say about her right here!


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