Mike & Nicole - Oh Baby!

A few years ago my husband and I moved to Jacksonville and I started volunteering with a local pit bull rescue. This was how I met Nicole, a fellow dog loving, veggie eating, beach worshiper. And I instantly knew she would marry my friend Mike and they would live happily ever after, making lots of babies along the way.

Despite my insistence that they were soul mates, the two didn’t immediately start dating like I thought they should. They actually didn’t even meet each other for a couple of years (Nicole had a boyfriend, Mike was living in a different city for work, details like that) but once they finally did there was no looking back.

So you can imagine my excitement when they asked me to take some pictures for them to use as their birth announcement! As matchmaker, I assume I get a hefty portion of the credit for this, right?

The Disney Wedding

No, this wedding was not at Disney. Not even close. It was at a brewery in Pittsburgh, PA. WAY cooler than Disney World/Land could ever hope to be! The groom’s last name is actually Disney which I suspect he’s probably used once or twice to his advantage .

The incredibly gorgeous bride is my very nearest and dearest friend. We met while she was attending the same law school as my hubby. We instantly bonded over our love for dogs (especially those of the underdog variety) and have been inseparable ever since. Okay, that’s not entirely accurate since they now live in PA and we’re still here in FL, but you get what I’m sayin’.

While weddings are not my typical jam, I’ve been fortunate to have only been asked to photograph very atypical weddings. Thank dog for cool friends like these that trust me on their big day!

Sean & Raven | Lifestyle Session | Jacksonville, FL

Do you remember Sean and Raven from a few years back? They were one of the very first clients of the Stahl & Stahl Group that I did a lifestyle session for a couple of years back. I wrote a post about them here and I adored them just as much this time around and I did the first time!

Just look at them. Seriously, it’s not fair for one couple to be this good looking. And they’re fun. AND they’re nice. Ugh, it’s just not fair to the rest of us mortals.

I was so stoked when Kavie mentioned that they had bought a new house and to be on the lookout for an email from them. When the email came in, I may or may not have squealed a little. (Hint: I did.)

The first session I had with them we did a shot. And they did not disappoint this time around either! I mean, who doesn’t want to take shots on Tuesday afternoons? (Hint: not me. Bring on the good times!) Don’t tell them I said this, but I actually have a whole plan for how I am going to turn them into our new couple BFFs.

Adoptable (and adorable!) Kane

If you follow Cobalt & Co. on IG you have seen a couple of my recent posts about Kane. And if you follow us on the FB page, you’ve seen even more. Kane is my current foster dog and he is just amazing.

Why is he so amazing, you ask? Well first and foremost, he had never stepped foot in a house until a couple of weeks ago when he came to my place. In fact, it was a struggle to even get him to do that! When we got home from the shelter Kane was literally too scared to get out of my car. So hubs and I had to actually pick up the crate that he was in, pull it out of the back of my Jeep, and carry it in the house.

At this point, some of you may be wondering why Kane had never been in a house until he got to my place. I’ll try to give a short answer here but this is a topic I’m particularly passionate about, so forgive me if I ramble. First you need to know that generally speaking animals are considered property, just like a tv or set of pots and pans. They have no rights of their own. The implications of this legal situation are vast but as it applies to Kane, it meant that he was born in a shelter because his parents were being held as evidence in a legal case.

Yup, in the same way that a firearm or drugs would be held as evidence, this dog, and hundreds more every single year, have to be held as evidence. That means that these precious souls have to wait days, months, and in the worst of situations, even years while the slow wheels of the legal system turn. One day soon I will share with you all the story of one of my dogs who spent almost 15 months being held as evidence before she was able to be adopted. More on her later! For now, back to Kane.

We have been taking things nice and slow since most of what Kane is being exposed to at my house is completely foreign to him. Even little things like the sounds of a vacuum cleaner or doorbell are new so I’m making sure to keep every single interaction and experience that he has 110% positive. Just like people, dogs are individuals and learn in their own ways and at their own speed. I am so extremely proud of the leaps and bounds Kane has made in the short time that he has been with us.

This sweet boy is going to make someone so very happy. He is a total ham, giant snuggle bug, smart as a whip, and a huge fan of doling out kisses. What more could anyone really ask for in a dog? If you or someone you know think that you might be interested in adopting this handsome man, please leave me a comment or shoot me an email. I would love to tell you more about Kane!