Cabrerra Family | Lifestyle Session | Jacksonville, FL

Hi. My name is Morgan and I am addicted…to dogs!


Can I be honest here for a minute? Okay, so as a photographer, especially one that does a lot of lifestyle sessions, I feel like I’m supposed to be obsessed with kids. But I’m not. Don’t get me wrong! They’re cute and all, and I always enjoy sessions that include kiddos, but it’s dogs that make my heart go pitter patter…

Am I alone here? Surely I’m not the only 30-something out there that has permanent puppy fever but has yet to experience baby fever! If you’ve ever checked out my website you might already know that I work and volunteer in animal welfare. Click here to read a little more about it! (Note to self: write more about what sets my hear on fire: helping animals.)

I mean, there is literally no better ice breaker on Earth than a dog. And as a self-proclaimed #awkwardturtle I can always use help in this department. But, to be fair, I didn’t need an ice breaker with this gorgeous couple. They were both super fun, full of laughter, and the Mr. is Puerto Rican - just like my hubby.

Thanks Cabrerra’s for the awesome morning…and for letting me smother your puppers in love. Now, quit embarrassing her and knock off all the smoochin’.

This session was a complimentary closing gift from the Stahl & Stahl Group to their clients, the Cabrerras.