Joe & Vic | Lifestyle Session | Jacksonville, FL | Cobalt & Co.

Joe & Victoria are dear friends of mine.  They are expecting their first little one & asked me to capture some of their time as it is now, before Baby Joe graces us with his presence.

I love to capture emotions & memories.  Joe & Vic knew their time together now was precious, filled with love & about to dramatically change!  Little morning traditions like theirs may seem insignificant right now but they shared my belief that one day these will be cherished photos for them to look back on & smile over.  All while their hoard of children run through the house, creating new traditions & memories.      

Above I had just asked Vic how she knew Joe was going to be a great dad.  I'm not going to share what she said (somethings just deserve to stay private) but it was sweet & honest.  No one can make Vic laugh the way Joe does & it's a sound that as her friend I cherish!

Baby Joe is going to grow up with two of the happiest parents I know.  I myself am married & we like to pride ourselves on our rock solid, happy marriage but I think Joe & Vic give us a solid run for our money.  They are devoted to Christ, devoted to each other & I know their devotion to Baby Joe will be every bit as strong!  

After Joe had to leave for work Vic spent some time putting the finishing touches on the nursery, which of course I had to document. 

Baby Joe is going to be so loved once he gets here.  Joe & Vic: thank you, a million times for trusting me to the important work of capturing your memories!