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Sean & Raven | Lifestyle Session | Jacksonville, FL | Cobalt & Co.

Do you ever meet people & instantly think "we need to be BFFs"?  Well that was exactly how I felt when I met Sean & Raven!  One of the first things Raven said to me was "I've got scenes planned out for each room.  Is that okay?"  Um, YEA!  I love nothing more than when couples put thought into their session.  

These two were so hilarious.  And SO in love.  For me (totally selfishly) if I get to laugh during a session I am one seriously happy girl.  These two did NOT disappoint. 

They are engaged & starting to plan their wedding. (See giant wedding planning book above.)  With Raven's eye for design, I have no doubts that it will be stunning!  And fun.  No doubt.

While they were looking through their wedding planning book they realized they were due to get engagement photos done.  Obviously we ran out to the lake behind their house and got to work! Here’s a little sneak:

Thank you for a lovely afternoon, Sean and Raven!