untraditional wedding

The Disney Wedding

No, this wedding was not at Disney. Not even close. It was at a brewery in Pittsburgh, PA. WAY cooler than Disney World/Land could ever hope to be! The groom’s last name is actually Disney which I suspect he’s probably used once or twice to his advantage .

The incredibly gorgeous bride is my very nearest and dearest friend. We met while she was attending the same law school as my hubby. We instantly bonded over our love for dogs (especially those of the underdog variety) and have been inseparable ever since. Okay, that’s not entirely accurate since they now live in PA and we’re still here in FL, but you get what I’m sayin’.

While weddings are not my typical jam, I’ve been fortunate to have only been asked to photograph very atypical weddings. Thank dog for cool friends like these that trust me on their big day!