What is a 'Lifestyle' Session?

What exactly is a lifestyle session? It’s what makes you, you. For Joe & Vic it was all about capturing their sweet morning routine before it became an even sweeter memory with the arrival of their first child.

Or for some people it’s all about capturing the simple joys in life, like playing guitar in bed.

One of my very favorite sessions was with the Parks Family, pictured below. For this family it was all about their lil girl. She was the center of their universe and you could see that in every interaction they shared.

Whether you want to document the love you share with your family, capture your cute new puppy, or subtly #humblebrag about the gorgeous new home your purchased, lifestyle sessions are for you. They combine the realness of photojournalism with the polish of portraits. Yes, we might “stage” scenes during our time together but what’s important are the memories these images will invoke when you look back on them in 5, 10, 20 years.

There are really just two things to think about before your lifestyle session:

1) What would you be doing if I weren’t there? What makes you, you? Let’s capture that. Have pancakes every Saturday morning? Pull out that mixing bowl and griddle. Ride your bike to the park in your ‘hood? Let’s go!


2) What are the colors in your home like? I’m not saying to go all matchy-matchy circa 1995 Olan Mills but you do want to put a little thought into what kinds of colors will be appearing in the background of your photos and work to choose outfits that will complement, not compete, with those colors. Just look at any of the other posts above. These clients all did a fantastic job of picking colors that worked together. As a general rule of thumb, light solid colors work best. Definitely do you, I mean Sean rocked that plaid shirt, but if you’re unsure then err on the side of simple.

Have a session coming up soon? What are some questions you might have that I haven’t covered here? Just type them into the comments below, shoot me a DM on Instagram, give me a call or send up a smoke signal - there are just so many options these days. I’d love to hear from you!